Friday, January 06, 2006

Good Oracle Books

Thomas Kyte's Good Oracle (Must Read) for DBAs and Developers
1. Expert Oracle Database Architecture: 9i and 10g Programming Techniques and Solutions
2. Expert one-on-one: Oracle
3. Effective Oracle By Design
(you can go for 1 as it contains 10G and also 3 if possible )

For SQL*PLUS and PL/SQL the following are good books

1 Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*PLUS -- By Lex De Haan
2 Mastering PL/SQL -- By Connor McDonald

For General Oracle Concepts from Scalability and Performance of Oracle Applications perspective

1. Scaling Oracle 8i (Eventhough the name says 8i it is a very good book whose concepts still apply)
   -- By James Morle(Expert on Scalability,RAID and SAN/NAS concepts)
   (Good thing is this book can be downloaded from site --

Other Good Books are :
1.Practical Oracle 8i -- Jonathan Lewis (Again the name'8i' is a misnomer as it is a good book that holds true still)
2. Cost Based Oracle Fundamentals -- Jonathan Lewis (A very good book of recent times )
If you want to understand how Oracle’s Cost Based Optimizer works, you will want to read this book. To get you started, there is a pdf of Chapter 5 (Clustering Factor) that you can download from Apress

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Vijay said...

I am searching for Practical Oracle 8i, can u pl tell from where i can download the book