Monday, July 16, 2007

Cheat Attacks And Kernel Patches

It seems i blog once in a new moon these days.
I was going through an article
Thought very nice and let me share it with readers of my blog.
Another interesting article i read on a Linux site is on a kernel patch introducing 2 new metrics PSS(Proportional Set Size) and USS(Unique Set Size) to find out more exactly how a process is using memory in a Linux computer system.
While existing VSS (Virtual memory size) and RSS(Resident size) of a process give you a picture of how much memory a process uses they never give you the exact picture of how much really your process contributes in memory use.
Here is the link , read on..
And one of my friends joked about writing only technical articles in my blog which makes it rather boring for him , i 've decided to add interesting incidents in my professional life as well

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Emerging Trends

Aah. i am back to Google's blogger and I am posting this after nearly a 10 month gap. Finally managed to overcome all the forces which kept me away from blogging.
Let me go straightaway to things which i see are emerging in a bigger way with Oracle:
1) Oracle's Fusion Middleware-gaining grounds with lots of new standards like Java 5,Web2.0 and Java Persistance (JPA ) standards
2) Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control -(EMGC)- One stop place to manage all your Oracle products and related infrastructure , data center ,grid automation and also a whole lot of plugins to manage and monitor other vendor products in an enterprise.
3) Grid Computing in Oracle's vision has seen many changes in recent years with the emergence of whole lot of new features with Oracle 10g database and plenty of others to come with Oracle 11g database.
(One i am curiously waiting for is the Query Caching or Result Set Caching with Oracle 11g database from application development perspective and the other much waited featue is RAC Rolling upgrade with 11g from Database administration )