Monday, July 16, 2007

Cheat Attacks And Kernel Patches

It seems i blog once in a new moon these days.
I was going through an article
Thought very nice and let me share it with readers of my blog.
Another interesting article i read on a Linux site is on a kernel patch introducing 2 new metrics PSS(Proportional Set Size) and USS(Unique Set Size) to find out more exactly how a process is using memory in a Linux computer system.
While existing VSS (Virtual memory size) and RSS(Resident size) of a process give you a picture of how much memory a process uses they never give you the exact picture of how much really your process contributes in memory use.
Here is the link , read on..
And one of my friends joked about writing only technical articles in my blog which makes it rather boring for him , i 've decided to add interesting incidents in my professional life as well

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