Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thought process skills for SPE

Dr Neil Gunther rightly mentions that hardware systems are increasingly becoming more&more commodity "black boxes" with lot of hidden complexities in each subsystem(cpu,memory,disk and network subsystems) and the onus is on the performance resultant to understand the Application atleast to get the basics if not fully for software performance&scalability. William Louth(JXInsight CTO) has also been recently stressing the same indirectly when he was presenting QoS concepts for Applications in cloud ("Applicaton is the network"). No doubt this would mean a little more steeper learning curve for anyone trying to bring about significant results in performance,scalability in shortest possible time but any such application centric efforts(be it in knowledge acquisition,understanding runtime behavior from Software performance engineering perspective)  would be more beneficial in terms of cost-benefit analysis.A glassbox if not a whitebox testing holds the key and right choice/freedom in choosing the tools/models for experienced people saves time&cost in long run to do the right/relevant work.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Joy of sharing knowledge and being seen as ignorant

  Always it is good to share what you know for this sharing  allows you to know more and the knowledge shared grows by getting contributed by all.
 However sometimes it is best to keep quiet to let others think that they know all about what you know during discussions which can otherwise turn to unnecessary debates.
You are in fact doing good by not disturbing/agitating them by this and allowing them to go with a peaceful,happy mind.
Moreover You can also get on with your thoughts/ideas and what you wanted to do in a peaceful manner without harming each other's minds.
This is the purest form of non-violence  for i believe that any form of conflict is in essence nothing but violence.
I learnt in experience that by not  reacting in such situations does a world of good rather than trying to unsettle each other's minds.
In these days of too much emphasis on Self-managing Applications people do not realize the true potential of Self-Awareness among Humans and
the pattern recognition that humans are best at than machines.