Sunday, September 18, 2005

Oracle Performance Tuning-Never Dare to enter this sea without sufficient experience

As Steve(DatabaseJournal) points out Oracle Performance Tuning can be like drowning into a pool ..It can be a big confusion of sorts for those who involve in it for the first time without prior experience and sufficient knowledge/skills in this area.
A typical newbie would try to keep his/her hands on everything which may suggest need tuning without a fixed direction.
Tuning Oracle is a profession where your knowlege of how Oracle works would be under real test and expereince counts a lot.
You need to hit the right balance on looking at hit ratios(checklist based tuning) as well as focussing with extended sql trace (Wait interface tuning) and most imortantly on how your business management see this. The more they give importance to the tuning exercise the more would be your efforts..
If just making things work at some acceptable level is what you need, don't waste extra time on it..(personal lessons learnt)
Would come up with an interesting article on Extended SQL tracing(10046 event) and hotsos resource profiler(Why Cary Milsap charges you heavily for this..)

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