Monday, September 12, 2005

Oracle Application Schema Checklist and Database Checklist

This is a very good checklist from Pete Finnigan(Oracle guru on Security aspects)

Pls also see this:
(A useful checklist on Application schema before you put it in live--)

Follow this checklist to make sure your application schemas are ready to be put into production:

  1. Perform physical configuration:

  2. Does each application have its own schema?

  3. Does each schema have its own set of table and index tablespaces?

  4. Are tables and their corresponding indexes in separate tablespaces?

  5. Check on performance issues:

  6. If you are implementing referential integrity, are all core foreign keys indexed?

  7. Are there tables without indexes?

  8. Are there tables with too many indexes?

  9. Are there tables with similar indexes?

  10. Are the schema objects regularly analyzed?

  11. Check on security issues:

  12. Are all object grants performed through roles? (While doing this is not strictly necessary, it does make administration much easier.)

  13. If your applications allow for it, are all updating capabilities granted through nondefault roles?

  14. Check on miscellaneous issues:

  15. Are naming conventions in place for all database objects? (While using consistent naming conventions is not strictly necessary, it does make administration much easier.)

  16. Is the value of the PCTINCREASE parameter for each tablespace greater than 0? This will ensure the automatic coalescing of free space. If you do not want your extent sizes to change, you'll want to ensure that PCTINCREASE is set to 0.

I'll be bringing some useful articles on SQL tracing in my next post.

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