Thursday, October 20, 2011

Man is a tool-loving animal

Excessive proliferation of tools and technologies in today's software
(this is also good in some aspects,thanks to open and/or free software
movement) ecosystem illustrates this and the plethora of seemingly
similar tools/technologies in IT can confuse even the best learned.
I often find too much engineering where there would hardly be any
significant difference in functionality and/or performance (Scaling is a
different phenomenon with different degrees of expectations and
compromises).No wonder we as humans are tool loving animals and also the
fact that no tool is even near perfect to cater/accomodate to all
situations at any given point drives this need.

5 Tools that i am personally interested in field of Application
runtimes/profiling are:

i) DTrace on Solaris ( may take some time for me to try out on linux)
ii) JRockit Flight Recorder and any plans from JRockit team to
supply a friction-free logging library ( ps: i am not starting any
raging controversy here on whether logging is good/bad or
merits/demerits over diagnostics)
iii) Azul systems diagnosis
iv) JXInsight
v) Yourkit

( in no specific order pls !!!!)

I havent used/seen DTrace for java apps so i do not know at this stage
how it could help to lead all the way up to showing stack trace in
JVM/user space esp in context of JRockit where the
code-compilation/conversion is different than Sun Hotspot JVM which
belonged to Solaris land.

Back to sql land, i had always maintained model is the code in all
walks of software and in particular Dan Tow's diagrammatic way of
visualizing a SQL to understand if CBO really chose the best possible
plan ( one can argue it is the job of CBO and why we bother the internal
algorithm of choosing a plan etc and trust me you would need it at some
point!) had been running in my mind quite for sometime since 2006.
Even wondered why someone didnt take it up to automate that to provide a
visual way of looking at things and stumbled upon this article
) which shows that people do have similar intentions as mine. In
Software esp in performance management there is no revolution but a
constant evolution of ideas and thoughts that drive things.

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