Friday, October 01, 2010

Concurrency and scaling choices

Let me make it clear for whoever is reading my blog the following:

"I neither speak for my company i work for
nor my company speaks for me.
All the ideas,thoughts and impressions on the tools i list in my blog
are my own "

JSR 166 - concurrency utilities apply for JS2E 1.5 onwards whereas JSR
237 is an attempt to take it to J2EE 1.4 onwards at the container level.
JSR 173 - Streaming xml parser aka pull parser is something that i
find needed for certain situations and is not thought of most by people
when comes to XML parsing.
(Roguewave and VTD-XML are other choices i hear from my friends but i
dont know much that i want to think about sometime later)

JSR 107 - JCache/caching in java is another big area that interests
me with many technologies emerging to support this area,
( Oracle's Coherence,JGroups with Infinispan, Gigaspaces,
Terracoata,GridGain, Open source Hazelcast are some of the useful ones
if one is interested to explore this area each one
with varying capabilities and usecases)

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