Thursday, December 15, 2005

Optimization Can be Funny at Times!!

Sometimes people spend hours of effort on optimizing things which they might be running(if at all) only once and the actual process itself may take possibly less time than the effort spent. Funny  ..Is'nt it?
That's why Cost Benefit Analysis and predicting your benefits is an important measure for Oracle Performance Consulting projects.
This is well brought out by Cary Milsap and Jeff holt's book on "Optimizing Oracle Performance".
Earlier i had promised an article on Hotsos Profiler and why  it is given great importance in scientific approaches to Oracle Performance Consulting projects.
Unfortunately i had been working on many other things including working on my own 10046 Resource Profiler in Perl similar to Hotsos.
I would definitely highlight the salient features and concepts behind the Hotsos and Sparky Data collection tool at Hotsos by Cary Milsap et al.
Anyone interested in knowing about how Oracle RDBMS kernel mesaures itself in terms of CPU usage timing and Wait Event Statistics should read the above book by Cary Milsap along with Richmond Shee's book on Oracle Wait Event Tuning.
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